Atyab Saj- The Lebanon delight in Sharjah

After Indian Desi food, Lebanese food is my all time favorite comfort food.

Recently, we got to try this small hidden gem in Sharjah- ATYAB SAJ. a perfect place to satisfy your cravings for Levantine street food. It’s a small place so don’t expect any fancy decors & all, but as far as food is concern (which is obviously the main reason to go there) it’s fresh & scrumptious. The staff is good & helpful.

Coming back to food. The best part is, everything is prepared & baked right in front of you. You can see the chef baking in the open kitchen. The smell of fresh bread is always amazing. 😍

We tried something from each section of their menu. Starting with some stuffed breads with Kraft, spinach & also the kashkawan-mortadella. These arayes were really delicious.

The Mini Meat Manakeesh were also good. The size was really cute & the meat topping was amazing. We also tried their Akkawi cheese Manakeesh. Perfectly baked. These Manakeesh are the Arabic versions of pizza.

They have some pizzas also in their menu, so we tried the Chicken ranch pizza. Love the base… really soft & fresh.

They also have a whole range of Saj- it’s more like the wraps. The best among all … super soft wraps we tried the three different wraps. One with chicken, other with meat kafta & one with vegetables. All three were amazing.

We were so full after eating all this yummy food that there was no space left for desserts … for the first time i said no to desserts. However they serve some delicious Arabic desserts too.

To sum it all, Atyab Saj is a real hidden gem. A highly recommendable place. Thanks a lot team for hosting us.

Atyab Saj Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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