Kerala on a plate at Tamarind Terrace

#keralaonaplate….. that’ the anthem of Tamarind Terrace… a Kerala restaurant in Karama. The restaurant is done in a typical Kerala style… with the beautiful  Thangassery Arch in white & red brick wall…… & the iron doors…. which make it look more pretty … There is plenty of space inside & also a huge seating area in front of the restaurant.

The staff is really good & welcoming … we were welcomed by their Manager Mr.Sibu Thomas … who not only explained about each item but also helped us choosing the menu.

We started with their appetizers …

⁃ Cone Pappad…. a cone shaped pappad filled with some awesome chaat.

⁃ Thakkali Chaat ….. a delicious tomato salad.


From the starters we ordered …..

⁃ Koonu Porichathu…. super amazing mushroom fry.

⁃ Thykadev Wings ….. crispy Chicken wings.

⁃ Deep dip Prawns…. deep fried prawns … served in an amazing way … with a tea light on the side.

From the mains, we ordered …

⁃ Fish Pollichathu…… a yummy fish filed with a lovely banana leaf aroma since it is cooked it.

⁃ Beef Pepper Ularthur…… clean cut bite sized beef pieces loaded with the Kerala authentic aroma.

⁃ Kottayam Chicken curry…. this Kerala style chicken curry with well flavored spices goes well with rice.

⁃ Mutton chops…… with a creamy curry.

⁃ Crab Roast….. a flavor packed crab… goes well with rice & appam or roti.

⁃ Ullimaringa Theeyal… Shallots & drum sticks curry

⁃ Ullichoru…. shallots rice….. the best alternative to simple Ghee rice.

⁃ Mutton Pothi Biryani…. served wrapped in banana leaf

Accompanied with different types of Kerala Porotha & Appam.

From the drinks …. Mr.Sibu suggested us to try some authentic Kerala style drinks … so we tried

⁃ Chakku manga malaga sarbath… jackfruit, mango & chilli juice.

⁃ Kulakki sarbath….. it’s one of the most popular Sarbath or juice in Kerala…. it’s basically a blend of lemon with basil seeds & pineapple.

⁃ Chutta manga sarbath….. blend of raw mango with mint.

⁃ & also their famous Nadev Chaye

Now it’s time for some desserts …..

⁃ we tried the yummy Payesam…. South Indian version of Kheer… with loads of raisins, pistachio & coconuts.

⁃ & Milk cake …. super delicious & I loved the way they presented this amazing cake in a sweet jar ..


The portion size of all the dishes was shareable & its value for money. They made us experience almost the whole Kerala feast that day. Truly an awesome experience.

Thanks a lot to Mr. Sibu Thomas, Suras & the whole team of Tamarind Terrace for being such a wonderful host.

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