Zorba-An authentic Greek Restaurant

Ended 2018 with a dinner at this amazing Greek restaurant…. Zorba, located in the beautiful location of Century Village. A you know, Greek had always been famous for its ancient history…… Gladiators…. & love for food…. (love for cheese to be precise). It has got a huge dining area inside out & a separate Shisha lounge at the outdoor. & yes, you got to enjoy some really good live Greek music, which is performed there everyday after 8:00 pm. The ambience is beautifully & artistically done, with murals depicting the Greek history.

We were very well greeted by the manager. The staff was very friendly & knowledgeable about their menu.

Coming back on food…… From their appetizers menu, we were served the fresh white greek bread with some butter & fresh garden olives…… followed by their signature tomato soup… served in a bread bowl….it is something you should definitely  try ..the quantity is good enough for two. We were also served their Mayori salad…..fresh watermelon, rocket leaves, sun dried tomatoes, croutons, & grilled mayori cheese with strawberry dressing. It was really amazing.

From Starters, we decided to try their Fried baby marrow…… crispy slices of baby marrow served with a dip… delicious, Fried Cheese with Honey……pan fried greek cheese topped with honey & sesame…. that’s something I tried for the first time…. & loved it, & Baked Feta Cheese…. served with tomato slices on top….. a bit sour for us, as I don’t like feta cheese much…but other than this.. everything was scrumptious.

Moving onto their Main course, we had their JUMBO Mousaka Burger……a huge burger with beef patty , caramelized onions, grilled eggplant with béchamel sauce…… a burst of taste… you will love it.

We also tried their Chicken Roulade…..  baked chicken pieces…. amazing taste.

From the drinks…. they served us their signature mocktails..

  • Faux- jito… a blend of rasberries, mint leaves, lime slices with sprite
  • Mom- Garita…. its a mix of orange, lime with sprite
  • Strawberry Lemonade…. Strawberry & lime with some sugar syrup in sprite.

All three were quite refreshing.


In desserts, we tried the  Yourti me Meli… classic greek yogurt… it was awesome.

We also tried their Sheesha…. overall an amazing experience… with delicious good, drinks & desserts…. with best of the hosting… & ending with mind blowing sheesha.


Zorba Greek Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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