Sweet & Small Cafe

That’s one of the few things I love about my locality …. Sharjah University…. you are surrounded by so many awesome cafes & restaurants.

November cafe is one such cafe.

Though it’s smaller than what I expect…. but they serves really good coffee.

We tasted some of their cold as well as hot coffee.

⁃ Nav Rose cold coffee

⁃ Nav Rose hot coffee

⁃ Candy Cold coffee

⁃ Candy latte

⁃ Signature Latino coffee

⁃ Flat white coffee

⁃ Home made chocolate cookies

My personal favorite was Flat white coffee…. with less sugar & maintaining the right amount of bitterness of coffee …. exactly the way I like.

& yes….. I love their serving style… specially the Tube in which they served their signature Latino.

We were attended by Marlow & Isidore, both were really helpful & friendly.. thanks guys…

Just one thing which I feel was missing was very limited choices for snacks, other than that, it’s really a good place for coffee.

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