A Syrian Delight

In the last week of Ramadan we wanted to visit Diwan Al Hana  &  luckily we were invited there for the Grand Iftaar. While driving on Sheikh Zayed Road, we have always passed by the restaurant & finally we got the chance to dine in there for the first time and try their Iftar buffet.

Diwan Al Hana is an authentic Syrian restaurant. It offers traditional Syrian and Arabic cuisine. Generally it’s open from early in the morning till late in the night.

The two-floored restaurant is spacious with a fusion of modern and traditional decor. We liked the beautifully tiled walls & the floor, funky wooden furniture, dim lighting, open kitchen & gorgeous tableware. It has an inviting and very friendly vibe.


They served a special Iftar where soup, cold mezze, appetizers, Ramadan drinks & hot beverages are served on the table & for main course and desserts they’ve a buffet.

Our table had all the Iftar essentials like dates, dry fruits, water, Ramadan drinks like Jallab, Qamar El Din & Ayran, Soup. Next they got us a range of Salads & Cold Mezze.

There were salads like Fattoush, Tabouleh and Beetroot Salad. The salads were fresh and light. In cold mezze they served Hummus, Mutabal, Mohamara, Vine Leaves stuffed with rice & Foul Mokalla. We loved these delicious and flavorful cold mezze. 

Then the tasty Fatteh Makdous was served on the table. It had eggplant filled with lamb meat, crispy bread, tomato & topped with tahini sauce.


After this, we moved on to the buffet & helped ourselves to Kebbeh, mini Fatayer, Burak Cheese & Fatteh.

Mixed Grill, Full Lamb, Friekeh Meat, Chicken Biryani, Chicken Kabseh, Basha O Asakro, Samakaharah, Vermicelli Rice & Quater Cheese Pasta were the main course dishes in their Iftar buffet. It was a good selection as there was something for everyone.


The dessert selection was small & we liked the well-made Wardat Ashta and Katayef. For the health conscious there were Fresh Fruits too. 


We enjoyed our Iftar experience at Diwan Al Hana. The food, the service & the atmosphere was good.


We would recommend this place to everyone. 

Diwan al Hana Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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