It’s Carnival Time

As the name says…. “Carnival by Tresind” is a celebration of Indian food, where authentic Indian food of the post modern era is served with glamorous modern avatar. Dining at Carnival is a gastronomic fiesta which will also take you back into a nostalgic culinary experience which revokes childhood memories.

Carnival by Trèsind is not only quirkily named, but also offers creatively designed dishes, a fun atmosphere and inventive, eclectic décor. You can feel as if you are entering a Carnival from the moment you step in and spot bronzed trees, asymmetrical mirror & decorations all over the place. It will impress you with its modern twist on Indian fare

Coming back to the main Food review for which we were invited there.


We were served the chef’s table menu & the journey starts with the never ending menu being served in an interesting way on our table….. which ended up in about 3 hours….. leaving our taste buds intrigued, confused and eager for more.

First we were surprised with the drinks which were served to us, using the liquid nitrogen which left our table full of smoky dreamy look.

Some Starters were served in a miniature garden … it was just so pleasing to eyes.

Chicken soup was served with a bite sized stuffed butter naan.

Quinoa salad with fresh herbs … freshly plucked from their herb garden table.

One of our favourite dishes of the night is the vada pav service. Vada pav was originally a staple food among mill workers in the streets of Mumbai and is now a popular street snack for the masses. In a nod to its origins, Carnival’s version is served by a chef dressed in a hard hat, with the ingredients packed in a toolbox. He makes the snacks for us on the spot, with potatoes, nuts, spices and coriander stuffed into a soft pav roll. It is a fun spectacle but, like everything else here, the food is seriously good.

After all these, main course was served to us. There were dishes from across India,from LAAL MAAS, FISH CURRY, MAKAI KE ROTI CHANE KA SAAG & CHICKEN CHARGA ….. everything was just perfect.

Nearly every dish – from the textures and the use of spices to the contrasting flavours that surprise and delight – was perfectly executed.

These chefs clearly care – a lot – about what they are doing and that passion trickles down to the servers, and is obvious with the presentation of every plate. The staff is not only knowledgeable about these dishes, they also explain it very

At the end of our meal, the journey towards desserts started….. one of the staff member spread a white plastic sheet across our table & she then proceeds to decorate it with sauces, syrups, chocolate and sweets & sets a big, hollow white-chocolate globe in the centre of the sweet mess, fills it with liquid nitrogen (instantly freezing it), asked me to pick it up and smashes it on our table. This was “GAJAK” the carnival way. We ­devour the pieces.

It doesn’t stops here.. we were also served with some chocolate candies which were served along with a tree made up of chocolate.

What else can anyone ask for other than ending the food journey with a Karak Chai …. which was served on a cycle & in cutting chai glasses. 😍

It was the perfect ending to our night. Carnival by Tresind is the kind of restaurant that keeps guests buzzing about their meal long after the last bite.

Thanks team Carnival for being such a good host.

Carnival by Tresind at Zomato


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